Stickit started early 2001 as a platform to promote the emerging streetart movement. Stencil graffiti, poster and sticker art as well as murals and street installations. The website was a fast growing database to show the diversity of the scene. Creations from young, local artists as well as from now renowned artists such as Banksy and Invader. The website also contained a forum to discuss the subjects and meet other artists and like-minded people. We made a lot of friends back then, some are still good friends to this day. For many, this burgeoning scene was a movement without rules and boundaries. Anyone could jump in to express his creativity.

Over the years, our focus has remained the same, but we promote the scene in a different way. Today we invite artists to put together a monograph of their work. Usually in the form of a zine. In terms of interpretation, they are completely free. We ask artists from different disciplines, with as equality their background in street art / graffiti. To promote the publication, we organise an exhibition or arrange a mural. These publications are available on our website and in a selection of stores and galleries. Stickit is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We focus on an international audience.

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# Artist Title year
40 030303 Acid Fun 2019
39 Ekta Fluxed 2019
38 Daniel Roozendaal Fluids 2019
37 Abcdef Selected drawings 2019
36 Dima Gred Grid 2019
35 Willehad Eilers The Horse Diaries #2 2019
34 Simon Schrikker Farallones 2019
33 Ath1281 No More Fun 2019
32 Wilehad Eilers The Horse Diaries 2018
31 Steen Steen Zine Set 2018
30 Ted Parker Birds 2018
29 Henny Overbeek The Sky Takes Notes When We Speak 2018
38 Jeroen Erosie Flight Mode 2018
27 Joost Markerink 10 Seconds Clear 2018
26 Abcdef For the record 2018 - 2019
25 Zosen Carnaval toda la vida 2018
24 Clemens Behr Please don't have a name 2017
23 Aris Layered Silhouettes 2016
22 Stickit x Mashville 10 x 10 2015
21 Pablo Tomek Tomek 2014
20 Merijn Hos Wood Sculptures 2014
19 Jeroen Erosie Ad Infinitum 2013 - 2018
18 Eltono Line and Surface 2012
17 Merijn Hos Parade 2011
16 Graphic Surgery Metamorphose 2010
15 James Chong Some Malfunctions 2010
14 Michael Swaney The Performances 2009
13 Jaakko Pallasvuo 2039 2008
12 PMH Hippy Hippy Shake 2008
11 The Garlic Myth The Garlic Myth 2008
10 Merijn Hos I don't feel that good tonight 2008
9 Steen Ik ben mijn kater kwijt 2008
8 CT CT's City 2007
7 Konsta Ojala Meandkonsta 2007
6 Sekers Sekers 2007
5 The ERS Greetings From Li├Ęge 2006
4 Fighting A Lost Love 2006
3 Eltono Observe Interpret 2006
2 Raymond Teitsma Funny In The Head 2006
1 Sems Sems 2006



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3534AR Utrecht
The Netherlands

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